This directory contains Genome Browser and Blat application binaries built for standalone
command-line use on various supported Linux and UNIX platforms. To determine which set of binaries
to download, type "uname -a" on the command line to display your machine type. In most cases the
usage statement for the application can be viewed by running the binary with no arguments.

**Note about 'permission denied' error**
In order for your computer to run a freshly downloaded utility, you will need to update the file
system permissions to allow your operating system to run the program.
   $ chmod +x ./filePath/utility_name
   $ ./filePath/utility_name
See also:

If you download the tools with rsync, the permissions will be set automatically, e.g. like this:
   rsync -aP ./

Some of these applications are able to connect to UCSC's public MySQL server. Such applications
require an .hg.conf file to be present  in the user's home directory. For more
information and an example .hg.conf file, see:
You can access the source code through GitHub:

The majority of the UCSC Genome Browser command line tools are distributed under the open-source MIT
license. The only exceptions are liftOver, blat, gfServer, gfClient and isPcr. 

For information about the licensing or commercial licensing of the Genome Browser software, see
The Blat and In-Silico PCR software may be commercially
licensed through Kent Informatics:
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