Fugu 5-way conservation track, phastCons 5-Way raw data scores

The format of these files are fixedStep wiggle files.
see also: http://genome.ucsc.edu/goldenPath/help/wiggle.html

A data section is introduced in each file with a line
declaring the chromosome, the starting position, and the span.
For example, chrM.data.gz begins:

fixedStep chrom=chrM start=3 step=1
... etc ...

Following the fixedStep line are data values.
They start at the position specified by the 'start=N'
value on the fixedStep line.  In this example, the
first value 0.653 is at the first nucleotide of chrM,
the next value 0.870 is at the second nucleotide of chrM.
The 'step=1' specifies that each value spans a single

There can be numerous fixedStep declarations in each file.
For nucleotide positions not covered by the data specified,
there are no data values.

These raw data values are compressed into single byte representations
when loaded into the database for the genome browser display.
The compression results in some loss of precision.  This is
an acceptable trade-off because the genome browser display is
a large compression of data into the simple bar graph even
if it hadn't been compressed before display.  This means
that values obtained from the data base via the Tables Browser
function of the genome browser, will be different than these
raw data values.
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