This directory contains reciprocal-best netted chains for petMar1-braFlo1.

 - petMar1-referenced net to braFlo1.
 - petMar1.braFlo1.rbest.chain.gz: chains extracted from the
   net.  These can be passed to the liftOver program to translate coords
   from petMar1 to braFlo1 through the net.

 - braFlo1-referenced net.
 - braFlo1.petMar1.rbest.chain.gz: "liftOver" chains.
 - Checksum values for all files in this directory can be found in md5sum.txt.

 - axtRBestNet/petMar1.braFlo1.rbest.axt.gz: chained and netted alignments,
   i.e. the best chains in the Lamprey genome, with gaps in the best
   chains filled in by next-best chains where possible.  Only alignments
   that are reciprocal best are kept.  The axt format is
   described in .
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