The August 2005 Drosophila erecta genome assembly was produced by Agencourt Bioscience (now a part of Beckman Coulter Genomics). Also available is a list of this assembly's largest 1000 scaffolds ranked by size.

Sample position queries

A genome position can be specified by a scaffold coordinate range, the accession number of an mRNA or RefSeq entry, a gene name, or keywords from the GenBank description of an mRNA. The following list shows examples of valid position queries for the D. erecta genome. Note that some position queries (e.g. "huntington") may return matches to the mRNA records of other species. In these cases, the mRNAs are mapped to their homologs in D. erecta. See the User's Guide for more information.

   Genome Browser Response:
scaffold_4512 Displays all of scaffold_4512
scaffold_4512:1-50,000 Displays first 50,000 bases of scaffold_4512

AY665387 Displays region of genome aligning to mRNA with GenBank accession AY665387
dock Displays region of genome aligning to gene with identifier dock (a D. melanogaster gene)
NM_057677 Displays region of genome aligning to RefSeq accession with identifier NM_057677 (a D. melanogaster RefSeq entry)

zinc finger Lists zinc finger mRNAs
zinc finger 312 Lists only zinc finger protein 312
huntington Lists candidate genes associated with Huntington's disease
aquadro Lists mRNAs deposited by scientist named Aquadro
Swanson,W.J. Lists mRNAs deposited by co-author W.J. Swanson

Use this last format for author queries. Although GenBank requires the search format Swanson WJ, internally it uses the format Swanson,W.J.

Assembly details

Agencourt Bioscience Corporation produced the 1 August 2005 assembly using the Arachne assembler. The assembly contains 5,124 scaffolds ranging in size from 154 bases to 26,647,023 bases, with a mean size of 29832.7 and median of 1740.

Bulk downloads of the sequence and annotation data are available via the Genome Browser FTP server or the Downloads page. The droEre1 annotation tracks were generated by UCSC and collaborators worldwide. See the Credits page for a detailed list of the organizations and individuals who contributed to this release.

GenBank Pipeline Details

For the purposes of the GenBank alignment pipeline, this assembly is considered to be: low-coverage.