Common name: human
Taxonomic name: Homo sapiens, taxonomy ID: 9606
Sequencing/Assembly provider ID: T2T Consortium
Assembly date: 24 Jan 2022
Assembly type: haploid
Assembly level: Complete Genome
Biosample: (n/a)
Assembly accession ID: GCA_009914755.4
Assembly FTP location: GCA/009/914/755/GCA_009914755.4_T2T-CHM13v2.0
Total assembly nucleotides: 3,117,292,070
Assembly contig count: 25
N50 size: 150,617,247

Data file downloads

blat service

There is blat service available for this genome assembly. When viewing this assembly in the genome browser, access the blat service via the Tools -> Blat blue navigation bar menu item.

For local command line blat service, access the blat service via the gfClient command line operation.
See also: to download command line binaries.

To operate this locally, you will need the hs1.2bit file from:
Which can be obtained with rsync via:
  rsync -a -P \
    rsync:// ./
With that hs1.2bit file in your working directory where you run this command, for example, a DNA query with your DNA sequence in the file: someDna.fa with result in the file: hs1.someDna.psl
gfClient -t=dna -q=dna -genome=hs1 -genomeDataDir=hs1 \ 4040 ./ someDna.fa hs1.someDna.psl
For a protein fasta query with your protein sequence in the file: someProtein.faa with result in the file: hs1.someProtein.psl
gfClient -t=dnax -q=prot  -genome=hs1 -genomeDataDir=hs1 \ 4040 ./ someProtein.faa hs1.someProtein.psl

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