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This directory contains compressed phastCons scores for multiple
alignments of 76 genomes to the Gallus gallus/galGal6/March 2018 chicken genome.

Files in this directory are:
    galGal6.phastCons77way.mod  phastCons tree model with branch lengths
                        for the the sequences
    galGal6.77way.phastCons/*.wigFix.gz - phastCons scores for all the
                        alignments in fixed step wiggle format, one
                        file per chromosome - phastCons scores for all the alignments
                        in bigWig format
    md5sum.txt - md5 sums of the files here to verify accurate download

The multiple alignments and methods description are at:

For a description of the phastCons data file format, see:
See also the description of the wigFix data file format, note the section
describing the 'fixedStep' wiggle format:

Assemblies used in these alignments:

Chicken - Gallus gallus
	Mar. 2018 (GRCg6a/galGal6) (reference)

Adelie penguin - Pygoscelis adeliae
	Jun 2014 (ASM69910v1/pygAde1) (syntenic)
African clawed frog - Xenopus laevis
	Aug. 2016 (Xenopus_laevis_v2/xenLae2) (net)
American alligator - Alligator mississippiensis
	Aug. 2012 (allMis0.2/allMis1) (reciprocal best)
American crow - Corvus brachyrhynchos
	Jun 2014 (ASM69197v1/corBra1) (syntenic)
American flamingo - Phoenicopterus ruber ruber
	May 2014 (ASM68726v1/phoRub1) (reciprocal best)
Anna's hummingbird - Calypte anna
	Jun 2014 (ASM69908v1/calAnn1) (syntenic)
Arctic lamprey - Lethenteron camtschaticum
	Sep 2013 (LetJap1.0/letCam1) (net)
Bald eagle - Haliaeetus leucocephalus
	Aug 2014 (Haliaeetus_leucocephalus-4.0/halLeu1) (syntenic)
Bar tailed trogon - Apaloderma vittatum
	16 Jun 2014 (ASM70340v1/apaVit1) (reciprocal best)
Barn owl - Tyto alba
	May 2014 (ASM68720v1/tytAlb1) (reciprocal best)
Brown roatelo - Mesitornis unicolor
	Jun 2014 (ASM69576v1/mesUni1) (reciprocal best)
Budgerigar - Melopsittacus undulatus
	Sep. 2011 (WUSTL v6.3/melUnd1) (syntenic)
Burmese python - Python bivittatus
	Sep. 2013 (Python_molurus_bivittatus-5.0.2/pytBiv1) (net)
Canary - Serinus canaria
	15 Jan-2014 (SCA1/serCan1) (syntenic)
Chinese alligator - Alligator sinensis
	29 Aug 2013 (ASM45574v1/allSin1) (reciprocal best)
Chinese softshell turtle - Pelodiscus sinensis
	Oct 2011 (PelSin_1.0/pelSin1) (reciprocal best)
Chuck-will's-widow - Caprimulgus carolinensis
	Jun 2014 (ASM70074v1/capCar1) (reciprocal best)
Collared flycatcher - Ficedula albicollis
	Jun 2013 (FicAlb1.5/ficAlb2) (syntenic)
Common cuckoo - Cuculus canorus
	Jun 2014 (ASM70932v1/cucCan1) (reciprocal best)
Crested ibis - Nipponia nippon
	Jun 2014 (ASM70822v1/nipNip1) (syntenic)
Crowned crain - Balearica pavonina gibbericeps
	Jun 2014 (ASM70989v1/balPav1) (reciprocal best)
Cuckoo roller - Leptosomus discolor
	May 2014 (ASM69178v1/lepDis1) (reciprocal best)
Dalmatian pelican - Pelecanus crispus
	May 2014 (ASM68737v1/pelCri1) (reciprocal best)
Downy woodpecker - Picoides pubescens
	Jun 2014 (ASM69900v1/picPub1) (reciprocal best)
Emperor penguin - Aptenodytes forsteri
	06 Jun 2014 (ASM69914v1/aptFor1) (syntenic)
Fugu - Takifugu rubripes
	Oct. 2011 (FUGU5/fr3) (net)
Garter snake - Thamnophis sirtalis
	Jun. 2015 (Thamnophis_sirtalis-6.0/thaSir1) (net)
Golden eagle - Aquila chrysaetos canadensis
	Oct. 2014 (aquChr-1.0.2/aquChr2) (syntenic)
Great cormorant - Phalacrocorax carbo
	Jun 2014 (ASM70892v1/phaCar1) (reciprocal best)
Green seaturtle - Chelonia mydas
	Mar 2013 (CheMyd_1.0/cheMyd1) (reciprocal best)
Hoatzin - Opisthocomus hoazin
	May 2014 (ASM69207v1/opiHoa1) (reciprocal best)
Hooded crow - Corvus cornix cornix
	Aug 2014 (Hooded_Crow_genome/corCor1) (syntenic)
Houbara bustard - Chlamydotis undulata macqueenii
	Jun 2014 (ASM69519v1/chlUnd1) (reciprocal best)
Human - Homo sapiens
	Dec. 2013 (GRCh38/hg38) (net)
Japanese eel - Anguilla japonica
	18 Mar-2014 ( (net)
Japanese quail - Coturnix japonica
	Mar. 2016 (Coturnix japonica 2.0/cotJap2) (reciprocal best)
Killdeer - Charadrius vociferus
	Aug 2014 (ASM70802v2/chaVoc2) (syntenic)
Lamprey - Petromyzon marinus
	Dec. 2017 (Pmar_germline 1.0/petMar3) (net)
Little egret - Egretta garzetta
	May 2014 (ASM68718v1/egrGar1) (reciprocal best)
Lizard - Anolis carolinensis
	May 2010 (Broad AnoCar2.0/anoCar2) (net)
Mallard duck - Anas platyrhynchos
	Apr 2013 (BGI_duck_1.0/anaPla1) (reciprocal best)
Medaka - Oryzias latipes
	Oct. 2005 (NIG/UT MEDAKA1/oryLat2) (net)
Medium ground finch - Geospiza fortis
	Apr. 2012 (GeoFor_1.0/geoFor1) (syntenic)
Mouse - Mus musculus
	Dec. 2011 (GRCm38/mm10) (net)
Nile tilapia - Oreochromis niloticus
	Nov. 2016 (ASM185804v2/oreNil3) (net)
Northern carmine bee-eater - Merops nubicus
	May 2014 (ASM69184v1/merNub1) (reciprocal best)
Northern fulmar - Fulmarus glacialis
	May 2014 (ASM69083v1/fulGla1) (reciprocal best)
Ostrich - Struthio camelus australis
	06 Jun-2014 (ASM69896v1/strCam1) (reciprocal best)
Painted turtle - Chrysemys picta bellii
	Mar. 2014 (v3.0.3/chrPic2) (syntenic)
Parrot - Amazona vittata
	Jan. 2013 (AV1/amaVit1) (reciprocal best)
Peregrine falcon - Falco peregrinus
	Feb 2013 (F_peregrinus_v1.0/falPer1) (syntenic)
Red crested turaco - Tauraco erythrolophus
	Jun 2014 (ASM70936v1/tauEry1) (reciprocal best)
Red-legged seriema - Cariama cristata
	May 2014 (ASM69053v1/carCri1) (reciprocal best)
Red-throated loon - Gavia stellata
	May 2014 (ASM69087v1/gavSte1) (reciprocal best)
Rhinoceros hornbill - Buceros rhinoceros silvestris
	Jun 2014 (ASM71030v1/bucRhi1) (reciprocal best)
Rifleman - Acanthisitta chloris
	27 May 2014 (ASM69581v1/acaChl1) (reciprocal best)
Rock pigeon - Columba livia
	Feb 2013 (Cliv_1.0/colLiv1) (syntenic)
Saker falcon - Falco cherrug
	Feb 2013 (F_cherrug_v1.0/falChe1) (syntenic)
Scarlet macaw - Ara macao
	Jun 2013 (SMACv1.1/araMac1) (reciprocal best)
Speckled mousebird - Colius striatus
	May 2014 (ASM69071v1/colStr1) (reciprocal best)
Spiny softshell turtle - Apalone spinifera
	May 2013 (ASM38561v1/apaSpi1) (reciprocal best)
Stickleback - Gasterosteus aculeatus
	Feb. 2006 (Broad/gasAcu1) (net)
Sunbittern - Eurypyga helias
	May 2014 (ASM69077v1/eurHel1) (reciprocal best)
Tetraodon - Tetraodon nigroviridis
	Mar. 2007 (Genoscope 8.0/tetNig2) (net)
Tibetan frog - Nanorana parkeri
	Mar. 2015 (BGI_ZX_2015/nanPar1) (net)
Tibetan ground jay - Pseudopodoces humilis
	Jan 2013 (PseHum1.0/pseHum1) (syntenic)
Turkey - Meleagris gallopavo
	Nov. 2014 (Turkey_5.0/melGal5) (reciprocal best)
White throated tinamou - Tinamus guttatus
	Aug 2014 (ASM70537v2/tinGut2) (reciprocal best)
White-tailed eagle - Haliaeetus albicilla
	May 2014 (ASM69140v1/halAlb1) (reciprocal best)
White-tailed tropicbird - Phaethon lepturus
	May 2014 (ASM68728v1/phaLep1) (reciprocal best)
White-throated sparrow - Zonotrichia albicollis
	Apr 2013 (ASM38545v1/zonAlb1) (syntenic)
X. tropicalis - Xenopus tropicalis
	Jul. 2016 (Xenopus_tropicalis_v9.1/xenTro9) (net)
Yellow-throated sandgrouse - Pterocles gutturalis
	Jun 2014 (ASM69924v1/pteGut1) (reciprocal best)
Zebra finch - Taeniopygia guttata
	Feb. 2013 (WashU taeGut324/taeGut2) (syntenic)
Zebra mbuna - Maylandia zebra
	Mar 2012 (MetZeb1.1/mayZeb1) (net)
Zebrafish - Danio rerio
	May 2017 (GRCz11/danRer11) (net)

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All the files in this directory are freely available for public use.
For data use restrictions regarding the genome assemblies used in this
annotation, see

References for phastCons and phyloP:

Pollard KS, Hubisz MJ, Siepel A. Detection of non-neutral substitution rates
on mammalian phylogenies. Genome Res. 2010 Jan;20(1):110-21.

Siepel A, Bejerano G, Pedersen JS, Hinrichs AS, Hou M, Rosenbloom K, Clawson
H, Spieth J, Hillier LW, Richards S, et al. Evolutionarily conserved elements
in vertebrate, insect, worm, and yeast genomes. Genome Res. 2005
Aug;15(8):1034-50.  (

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