This directory contains a dump of the UCSC genome annotation database for the
    Jan. 2020 (ASM985889v3/wuhCor1) assembly of the wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus genome
    (wuhCor1, 2019-nCoV) .

The annotations were generated by UCSC and collaborators worldwide.

For more information about this assembly, please note the NCBI resources:

Files included in this directory (updated nightly):

  - *.sql files:  the MySQL commands used to create the tables

  - *.txt.gz files: the database tables in a tab-delimited format
    compressed with gzip.

To see descriptions of the tables underlying Genome Browser annotation
tracks, select the table in the Table Browser:
and click the "describe table schema" button.  There is also a "view
table schema" link on the configuration page for each track.

If you plan to download a large file or multiple files from this
directory, we recommend you use ftp rather than downloading the files
via our website. To do so, ftp to, then go to
the directory goldenPath/wuhCor1/database/. To download multiple
files, use the "mget" command:

    mget <filename1> <filename2> ...
    - or -
    mget -a (to download all the files in the directory)

Alternate methods to ftp access.

Using an rsync command to download the entire directory:
    rsync -avzP rsync:// .
For a single file, e.g. gc5Base.txt.gz
    rsync -avzP 
        rsync:// .

Or with wget, all files:
    wget --timestamping 
With wget, a single file:
    wget --timestamping 
        -O gc5Base.txt.gz

To uncompress the *.txt.gz files:
    gunzip <table>.txt.gz
The tables can be loaded directly from the .txt.gz compressed file.
It is not necessary to uncompress them to load into a database,
as shown in the example below.

To load one of the tables directly into your local mirror database,
for example the table chromInfo:
## create table from the sql definition
$ hgsql wuhCor1 < chromInfo.sql
## load data from the txt.gz file
$ zcat chromInfo.txt.gz | hgsql wuhCor1 --local-infile=1 
        -e 'LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE "/dev/stdin" INTO TABLE chromInfo;'

GenBank Data Usage

The GenBank database is designed to provide and encourage access within
the scientific community to the most up to date and comprehensive DNA
sequence information. Therefore, NCBI places no restrictions on the use
or distribution of the GenBank data. However, some submitters may claim
patent, copyright, or other intellectual property rights in all or a
portion of the data they have submitted. NCBI is not in a position to
assess the validity of such claims, and therefore cannot provide comment
or unrestricted permission concerning the use, copying, or distribution
of the information contained in GenBank.
All the files and tables in this directory are freely usable for any purpose.

      Name                                 Last modified      Size  Description
Parent Directory - gap.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 11:07 28 gold.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 11:07 60 cytoBandIdeo.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 13:00 63 ucscToRefSeq.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 12:01 63 gc5BaseBw.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 13:00 66 multiz7way.txt.gz 13-May-2020 10:49 67 ucscToINSDC.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 12:01 67 bigFiles.txt.gz 22-Nov-2020 03:16 69 strainName44way.txt.gz 17-Mar-2020 17:00 71 chromInfo.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 16:02 72 strainName119way.txt.gz 30-Apr-2020 21:38 73 chromAlias.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 11:54 79 simpleRepeat.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 12:05 86 cpgIslandExt.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 13:23 89 cpgIslandExtUnmasked.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 11:34 97 genscan.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 13:25 118 rfam.txt.gz 27-Apr-2020 15:01 139 genscanSubopt.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 13:25 140 augustusGene.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 13:32 164 extFile.txt.gz 21-Jun-2020 08:31 173 multiz7wayFrames.txt.gz 13-May-2020 11:30 204 strainName44wayFrames.txt.gz 17-Mar-2020 17:47 218 strainName119wayFrames.txt.gz 30-Apr-2020 21:46 219 ncbiGene.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 13:54 238 crisprDet.txt.gz 27-Mar-2020 07:50 243 grp.txt.gz 29-Mar-2020 02:07 246 windowmaskerSdust.txt.gz 29-Jan-2020 13:21 345 history.txt.gz 30-Jan-2020 11:00 421 hgFindSpec.txt.gz 22-Nov-2020 03:34 518 strainPhastCons44way.txt.gz 17-Mar-2020 16:54 830 strainPhastCons119way.txt.gz 30-Apr-2020 21:43 862 strainPhyloP119way.txt.gz 30-Apr-2020 21:44 1.0K strainPhyloP44way.txt.gz 17-Mar-2020 17:52 1.0K microdel.txt.gz 20-May-2020 06:54 1.0K primers.txt.gz 14-Apr-2020 04:40 1.2K gc5BaseBw.sql 29-Jan-2020 13:00 1.3K grp.sql 29-Mar-2020 02:07 1.3K bigFiles.sql 22-Nov-2020 03:16 1.4K chromInfo.sql 29-Jan-2020 16:02 1.4K tableDescriptions.sql 28-Jul-2020 02:04 1.4K extFile.sql 21-Jun-2020 08:31 1.4K chromAlias.sql 29-Jan-2020 11:54 1.4K ucscToINSDC.sql 29-Jan-2020 12:01 1.4K ucscToRefSeq.sql 29-Jan-2020 12:01 1.4K rfam.sql 27-Apr-2020 15:01 1.5K windowmaskerSdust.sql 29-Jan-2020 13:21 1.5K seq.sql 09-Apr-2020 16:18 1.5K cytoBandIdeo.sql 29-Jan-2020 13:00 1.5K mafSnp7way.sql 13-May-2020 11:34 1.5K multiz7way.sql 13-May-2020 10:49 1.5K rnaStructRangan.sql 04-May-2020 12:51 1.5K tableList.sql 22-Nov-2020 03:16 1.5K strainName44way.sql 17-Mar-2020 17:00 1.5K strainName119way.sql 30-Apr-2020 21:38 1.5K microdel.sql 20-May-2020 06:54 1.6K mafSnpStrainName44way.sql 02-May-2020 10:13 1.6K mafSnpStrainName119way.sql 02-May-2020 10:23 1.6K genscanSubopt.sql 29-Jan-2020 13:25 1.6K history.sql 30-Jan-2020 11:00 1.6K strainPhastConsElements44way.sql 17-Mar-2020 16:52 1.6K strainPhastConsElements119way.sql 30-Apr-2020 21:42 1.6K gap.sql 29-Jan-2020 11:07 1.6K gold.sql 29-Jan-2020 11:07 1.7K genscan.sql 29-Jan-2020 13:25 1.7K ncbiGene.sql 29-Jan-2020 13:54 1.7K cpgIslandExt.sql 29-Jan-2020 13:23 1.7K cpgIslandExtUnmasked.sql 29-Jan-2020 11:34 1.7K hgFindSpec.sql 22-Nov-2020 03:34 1.7K multiz7wayFrames.sql 13-May-2020 11:30 1.7K strainName44wayFrames.sql 17-Mar-2020 17:47 1.8K strainName119wayFrames.sql 30-Apr-2020 21:46 1.8K strainPhyloP44way.sql 17-Mar-2020 17:52 1.8K strainPhyloP119way.sql 30-Apr-2020 21:44 1.8K strainPhastCons44way.sql 17-Mar-2020 16:54 1.8K strainPhastCons119way.sql 30-Apr-2020 21:43 1.8K simpleRepeat.sql 29-Jan-2020 12:05 1.9K augustusGene.sql 29-Jan-2020 13:32 1.9K trackDb.sql 20-Nov-2020 14:40 2.0K primers.sql 14-Apr-2020 04:40 2.1K crisprDet.sql 27-Mar-2020 07:50 2.1K tableList.txt.gz 22-Nov-2020 03:16 2.3K seq.txt.gz 09-Apr-2020 16:18 3.1K rnaStructRangan.txt.gz 04-May-2020 12:51 3.8K tableDescriptions.txt.gz 28-Jul-2020 02:04 4.7K strainPhastConsElements44way.txt.gz 17-Mar-2020 16:52 5.0K strainPhastConsElements119way.txt.gz 30-Apr-2020 21:42 12K mafSnp7way.txt.gz 13-May-2020 11:34 94K trackDb.txt.gz 20-Nov-2020 14:40 122K mafSnpStrainName44way.txt.gz 02-May-2020 10:13 858K mafSnpStrainName119way.txt.gz 02-May-2020 10:23 1.0M