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Common name: estuarine crocodile
Taxonomic name: Crocodylus porosus, taxonomy ID: 8502
Sequencing/Assembly provider ID: Mississippi State University
Assembly date: 13 Sep 2016
Assembly type: haploid
Assembly level: Scaffold
Biosample: SAMN03102602
Assembly accession ID: GCF_001723895.1
Assembly FTP location: GCF/001/723/895/GCF_001723895.1_CroPor_comp1
Total assembly nucleotides: 2,049,536,252
Assembly contig count: 70
N50 size: 84,437,661

Data file downloads

Copy this entire assembly hub for local use

This download is only for the purpose of using this assembly hub in your institution which may have firewall access restrictions to this data.
To download this assembly data, use this rsync command:

  rsync -a -P \
    rsync:// \
which creates the local directory: ./GCF_001723895.1/
or this wget command:
  wget --timestamping -m -nH -x --cut-dirs=6 -e robots=off -np -k \
    --reject "index.html*" -P "GCF_001723895.1" \
which creates a local directory: ./GCF_001723895.1/

There is an included hub.txt file in that download data directory to use for your local track hub instance.
Using the genome browser menus: My Data -> Track Hubs
select the My Hubs tab to enter a URL to this hub.txt file to attach this assembly hub to a genome browser.

The html/GCF_001723895.1_CroPor_comp1.description.html page is information for your users to describe this assembly.
This web page with these instructions is an instance of the html/GCF_001723895.1_CroPor_comp1.description.html file.

See also: track hub help documentation.

blat service

There is blat service available for this genome assembly. When viewing this assembly in the genome browser, access the blat service via the Tools -> Blat blue navigation bar menu item.

For local command line blat service, access the blat service via the gfClient command line operation.
See also: to download command line binaries.

To operate this locally, you will need the GCF_001723895.1.2bit file from:
Which can be obtained with rsync via:
  rsync -a -P 
    rsync:// ./
With that GCF_001723895.1.2bit file in your working directory where you run this command, for example, a DNA query with your DNA sequence in the file: someDna.fa with result in the file: GCF_001723895.1.someDna.psl
gfClient -t=dna -q=dna -genome=GCF_001723895.1 -genomeDataDir=GCF/001/723/895/GCF_001723895.1 4040 ./ someDna.fa GCF_001723895.1.someDna.psl
For a protein fasta query with your protein sequence in the file: someProtein.faa with result in the file: GCF_001723895.1.someProtein.psl
gfClient -t=dnax -q=prot  -genome=GCF_001723895.1 -genomeDataDir=GCF/001/723/895/GCF_001723895.1 4040 ./ someProtein.faa GCF_001723895.1.someProtein.psl

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