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Common name: caecilians
Taxonomic name: Microcaecilia unicolor, taxonomy ID: 1415580
Sequencing/Assembly provider ID: SC
Assembly date: 22 Jun 2019
Assembly type: haploid (principal pseudohaplotype of diploid)
Assembly level: Chromosome
Biosample: SAMEA104387962
Assembly accession ID: GCF_901765095.1
Assembly FTP location: GCF/901/765/095/GCF_901765095.1_aMicUni1.1
Total assembly nucleotides: 4,685,939,420
Assembly contig count: 1,081
N50 size: 376,147,139

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Clawson, H., Lee, B.T., Raney, B.J. et al. "GenArk: towards a million UCSC genome browsers.
Genome Biol 24, 217 (2023).

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This web page with these instructions is an instance of the html/GCF_901765095.1_aMicUni1.1.description.html file.

See also: track hub help documentation.

At this time, this genome size: 4,685,939,420, is too large (greater than 4294967296), to function with the UCSC blat system. We hope to have improvements to that system in the future to allow blat service for the larger genome sizes.

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