Global Reference Genomes assembly hubs

This assembly hub contains ten high-quality, population-identified assemblies released by the Reference Genome Improvement project. This population list is not conclusive and represents reference genomes from 10 different human populations. Thank you to Washington University in Saint Louis for consolidating these open source reference genomes.

How to view the hub

You can load this hub from our Public Hubs page or by clicking these assembly links to any of our official websites:

To manually attach this hub to other genome browsers:

  1. From the blue navigation bar, go to My Data -> Track Hubs
  2. Then select the My Hubs tab and enter this URL into the textbox:
  3. Once you have added the URL to the entry form, press the Add Hub button to add the hub.

After adding the hub, you will be redirected to the gateway page. The genome assemblies can be selected from the Reference Genome Improvement Hub Assembly dropdown menu.

See also: assembly statistics

Data resource links

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link to genome browser
country of origin
and data download
NCBI assembly bioSamplebioProject assembly date,
source link
Bengali Bangladesh GCA_003601015.1_HG03807_prelim_1.0 SAMN10026989 PRJNA490190 2018-09-27
Columbian Colombia GCA_002209525.2_HG01352_prelim_2.1 SAMN05603729 PRJNA339719 2018-07-02
Gambia Gambia GCA_003574075.1_HG02818_prelim_1.0 SAMN05603745 PRJNA339722 2018-09-18
Luhya Kenya GCA_002872155.1_NA19434_prelim_1.0 SAMN06885952 PRJNA385272 2018-01-10
Mende Sierra Leone GCA_003086635.1_HG03486_prelim_1.0 SAMN08723473 PRJNA438669 2018-05-02
Puerto Rican Puerto Rico GCA_002208065.1_HG00733_prelim_1.0 SAMN04229548 PRJNA300840 2017-06-26
Southern Han Chinese China GCA_002180035.3_HG00514_prelim_3.0 SAMN04229552 PRJNA300843 2018-05-22
Utah/Mormon USA GCA_002077035.3_NA12878_prelim_3.0 SAMN05181962 PRJNA323611 2018-02-09
Vietnamese Vietnam GCA_003070785.1_HG02059_prelim_1.0 SAMN05603847 PRJNA339726 2018-04-24
Yoruban Nigeria GCA_001524155.4_NA19240_prelim_3.0 SAMN03838746 PRJNA288807 2017-07-19