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hub gateway description
primates NCBI primate genomes (214 assemblies)
mammals NCBI mammal genomes (513 assemblies)
birds NCBI bird genomes (328 assemblies)
fishes NCBI fish genomes (358 assemblies)
vertebrate NCBI other vertebrate genomes (201 assemblies)
invertebrate NCBI invertebrate genomes (660 assemblies)
fungi NCBI fungi genomes (612 assemblies)
plants NCBI plant genomes (284 assemblies)
viral NCBI virus genomes (281 assemblies)
bacteria NCBI bacteria genomes (96 assemblies)
collections below are subsets of the assemblies above
VGP Vertebrate Genomes Project collection (773 assemblies)
CCGP The California Conservation Genomics Project (126 assemblies)
HPRC Human Pangenome Reference Consortium (96 assemblies)
globalReference Global Human Reference genomes, January 2020 (10 assemblies)
mouseStrains 16 mouse strain assembly and track hub, May 2017
legacy NCBI genomes legacy/superseded by newer versions (437 assemblies)

Please note: text file listing of 3987 genome assembly hubs

Please note, the invertebrate category contains more than just invertebrate animals. Until these clades are sorted out, with extra categories created, you will also find parasites, protozoa, and other single celled eukaryotes in the invertebrate grouping.

Please use the Assembly Request page to find and request GenBank assemblies that have not yet been included in the collections here.

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Clawson, H., Lee, B.T., Raney, B.J. et al.
GenArk: towards a million UCSC genome browsers.
Genome Biol 24, 217 (2023).