Vertebrate Genomes assembly hubs

Assemblies from NCBI/Genbank/Refseq sources, subset of other vertebrates only.

How to view the hub


  1. The links to the genome browser in the table below will attach that one specific assembly to the genome browser. This is most likely what you want.
  2. Instead, you can attach the entire set of assemblies as one group to the genome browser with the following links depending upon which of our mirror site browsers you prefer to use:
  3. To manually attach all the assemblies in this hub to genome browsers that are not one of the three UCSC mirror sites:
    1. From the blue navigation bar, go to My Data -> Track Hubs
    2. Then select the My Hubs tab and enter this URL into the textbox:
    3. Once you have added the URL to the entry form, press the Add Hub button to add the hub.

After adding the hub, you will be redirected to the gateway page. The genome assemblies can be selected from the Vertebrate Hub Assembly dropdown menu. Instead of adding all the assemblies in one collected group, use the individual view in browser in the table below.

See also: assembly statisticstrack statistics <== additional information for these assemblies.

Data resource links

NOTE: Click on the column headers to sort the table by that column
The common name/view in browser will attach only that single assembly to the genome browser.
The scientific name/and data download link provides access to the files for that one assembly hub.
The class/VGP link provides access to the VGP GenomeArk page for that genome
The other links provide access to NCBI resources for these assemblies.

count common name and
view in browser
scientific name
and data download
NCBI assembly bioSamplebioProject assembly date,
source link
1 African clawed frog Xenopus laevis GCF_001663975.1_Xenopus_laevis_v2 SAMN04518361 PRJNA313213 2016-08-09
2 American alligator Alligator mississippiensis GCF_000281125.3_ASM28112v4 SAMN02981418 PRJNA159843 2016-03-28
3 Australian saltwater crocodile Crocodylus porosus GCF_001723895.1_CroPor_comp1 SAMN03102602 PRJNA163131 2016-09-13
4 Burmese python Python bivittatus GCF_000186305.1_Python_molurus_bivittatus-5.0.2 SAMN02981298 PRJNA61243 2013-09-15
5 tiny Cayenne caecilian Microcaecilia unicolor GCF_901765095.1_aMicUni1.1 SAMEA104387962 PRJEB32737 2019-06-22
6 central bearded dragon Pogona vitticeps GCF_900067755.1_pvi1.1 SAMEA2300447 PRJEB5206 2017-02-28
7 Chinese alligator Alligator sinensis GCF_000455745.1_ASM45574v1 SAMN02981559 PRJNA215016 2013-08-29
8 Chinese soft-shelled turtle Pelodiscus sinensis GCF_000230535.1_PelSin_1.0 SAMN02981371 PRJNA68233 2012-07-24
9 coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae GCF_000225785.1_LatCha1 SAMN00138723 PRJNA56111 2011-09-12
10 common wall lizard Podarcis muralis GCF_004329235.1_PodMur_1.0 SAMN10820182 PRJNA515813 2019-03-07
11 eastern brown snake Pseudonaja textilis GCF_900518735.1_EBS10Xv2-PRI SAMEA4800208 PRJEB27869 2018-09-24
12 elephant shark Callorhinchus milii GCF_000165045.1_Callorhinchus_milii-6.1.3 SAMN00000800 PRJNA18361 2013-12-11
13 high Himalaya frog Nanorana parkeri GCF_000935625.1_ASM93562v1 SAMN02720813 PRJNA243398 2015-03-17
14 gharial Gavialis gangeticus GCF_001723915.1_GavGan_comp1 SAMN03102901 PRJNA172383 2016-09-13
15 Goodes thornscrub tortoise Gopherus evgoodei GCF_007399415.2_rGopEvg1_v1.p SAMN03496275 PRJNA489103 2019-07-25
16 green anole Anolis carolinensis GCF_000090745.1_AnoCar2.0 SAMN02981230 PRJNA18787 2011-01-10
17 Green sea turtle Chelonia mydas GCF_000344595.1_CheMyd_1.0 SAMN02981410 PRJNA104937 2013-03-18
18 Schlegel's Japanese gecko Gekko japonicus GCF_001447785.1_Gekko_japonicus_V1.1 SAMN04157958 PRJNA298277 2015-11-25
19 mainland tiger snake Notechis scutatus GCF_900518725.1_TS10Xv2-PRI SAMEA4800209 PRJEB27871 2018-09-24
20 reedfish Erpetoichthys calabaricus GCF_900747795.1_fErpCal1.1 SAMEA104026374 PRJEB31579 2019-03-26
21 garter snake Thamnophis sirtalis GCF_001077635.1_Thamnophis_sirtalis-6.0 SAMN03759628 PRJNA189551 2015-06-26
22 brown spotted pit viper Protobothrops mucrosquamatus GCF_001527695.2_P.Mucros_1.0 SAMD00043515 PRJDB4386 2016-01-22
23 spotted gar Lepisosteus oculatus GCF_000242695.1_LepOcu1 SAMN00706774 PRJNA68247 2012-01-13
24 tropical clawed frog Xenopus tropicalis GCF_000004195.4_UCB_Xtro_10.0 SAMN13041969 PRJNA577946 2019-11-14
25 two-lined caecilian Rhinatrema bivittatum GCF_901001135.1_aRhiBiv1.1 SAMEA104387956 PRJEB32111 2019-06-02
26 whale shark Rhincodon typus GCF_001642345.1_ASM164234v2 SAMN04562461 PRJNA255419 2017-03-03

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