Primates Genomes assembly hubs

Assemblies from NCBI/Genbank/Refseq sources, subset of primates only.

How to view the hub


  1. The links to the genome browser in the table below will attach that one specific assembly to the genome browser. This is most likely what you want.
  2. Instead, you can attach the entire set of assemblies as one group to the genome browser with the following links depending upon which of our mirror site browsers you prefer to use:
  3. To manually attach all the assemblies in this hub to genome browsers that are not one of the three UCSC mirror sites:
    1. From the blue navigation bar, go to My Data -> Track Hubs
    2. Then select the My Hubs tab and enter this URL into the textbox:
    3. Once you have added the URL to the entry form, press the Add Hub button to add the hub.

After adding the hub, you will be redirected to the gateway page. The genome assemblies can be selected from the Primates Hub Assembly dropdown menu. Instead of adding all the assemblies in one collected group, use the individual view in browser in the table below.

See also: assembly statisticstrack statistics <== additional information for these assemblies.

Data resource links

NOTE: Click on the column headers to sort the table by that column
The common name/view in browser will attach only that single assembly to the genome browser.
The scientific name/and data download link provides access to the files for that one assembly hub.
The class/VGP link provides access to the VGP GenomeArk page for that genome
The other links provide access to NCBI resources for these assemblies.

count common name and
view in browser
scientific name
and data download
NCBI assembly bioSamplebioProject assembly date,
source link
1 black snub-nosed monkey Rhinopithecus bieti GCF_001698545.1_ASM169854v1 SAMN02786331 PRJNA315476 2016-08-03
2 chimpanzee Pan troglodytes GCF_002880755.1_Clint_PTRv2 SAMN06272697 PRJNA369439 2018-01-19
3 Coquerel's sifaka Propithecus coquereli GCF_000956105.1_Pcoq_1.0 SAMN03121823 PRJNA251429 2015-03-23
4 crab-eating macaque Macaca fascicularis GCF_000364345.1_Macaca_fascicularis_5.0 SAMN00811240 PRJNA20409 2013-06-12
5 drill Mandrillus leucophaeus GCF_000951045.1_Mleu.le_1.0 SAMN03121813 PRJNA251423 2015-03-12
6 gelada Theropithecus gelada GCF_003255815.1_Tgel_1.0 SAMN09197221 PRJNA470999 2018-06-19
7 golden snub-nosed monkey Rhinopithecus roxellana GCF_007565055.1_ASM756505v1 SAMN11039125 PRJNA524949 2019-07-29
8 gray mouse lemur Microcebus murinus GCF_000165445.2_Mmur_3.0 SAMN06275470 PRJNA19967 2017-02-06
9 green monkey Chlorocebus sabaeus GCF_000409795.2_Chlorocebus_sabeus_1.1 SAMN01760484 PRJNA168621 2014-03-25
10 human Homo sapiens GCF_000001405.39_GRCh38.p13 n/a PRJNA31257 2019-02-28
11 Ma's night monkey Aotus nancymaae GCF_000952055.2_Anan_2.0 SAMN03121886 PRJNA251539 2017-06-09
12 northern white-cheeked gibbon Nomascus leucogenys GCF_006542625.1_Asia_NLE_v1 SAMN11124083 PRJNA369439 2019-07-02
13 olive baboon Papio anubis GCF_008728515.1_Panubis1.0 SAMN11179045 PRJNA527874 2019-10-02
14 Philippine tarsier Carlito syrichta GCF_000164805.1_Tarsius_syrichta-2.0.1 SAMN02445010 PRJNA20339 2013-09-18
15 pig-tailed macaque Macaca nemestrina GCF_000956065.1_Mnem_1.0 SAMN03121842 PRJNA251427 2015-03-19
16 pygmy chimpanzee Pan paniscus GCF_000258655.2_panpan1.1 SAMEA1029457 PRJNA49285 2015-08-18
17 Rhesus monkey Macaca mulatta GCF_003339765.1_Mmul_10 SAMN09435472 PRJNA476474 2019-02-13
18 small-eared galago Otolemur garnettii GCF_000181295.1_OtoGar3 SAMN02981229 PRJNA16955 2011-03-16
19 sooty mangabey Cercocebus atys GCF_000955945.1_Caty_1.0 SAMN03379531 PRJNA157077 2015-03-19
20 Sumatran orangutan Pongo abelii GCF_002880775.1_Susie_PABv2 SAMN06275555 PRJNA369439 2018-01-19
21 Ugandan red Colobus Piliocolobus tephrosceles GCF_002776525.3_ASM277652v3 SAMN07735529 PRJNA413051 2019-12-12
22 white-tufted-ear marmoset Callithrix jacchus GCF_000004665.1_Callithrix_jacchus-3.2 SAMN02981242 PRJNA20401 2010-01-22

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