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This assembly hub contains assemblies released by the Vertebrate Genomes Project. (set of alternate/haplotype assemblies)

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The links to the genome browser in the table below will attach that one specific assembly to the genome browser. Use the links in the column labeled common name and view in browser to view that assembly in the genome browser.

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Clawson, H., Lee, B.T., Raney, B.J. et al. "GenArk: towards a million UCSC genome browsers.
Genome Biol 24, 217 (2023).


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1 Abyssinian ground-hornbill[IGV] Bucorvus abyssinicus GCA_009769595.1_bBucAby1.alt SAMN12614799 PRJNA561886 2019-12-19 birds
2 Aeolian wall lizard (La Canna islet rPodRaf1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Podarcis raffonei GCA_027172095.1_rPodRaf1.alt SAMN28455423 PRJNA839508 2022-12-21 reptiles
3 African savanna elephant (hap2 mLoxAfr1 2023)[IGV] Loxodonta africana GCA_030014295.1_mLoxAfr1.hap2 SAMN32756554 PRJNA924322 2023-05-16 mammals
4 American flamingo[IGV] Phoenicopterus ruber ruber GCA_009819805.1_bPhoRub2.alt SAMN12614931 PRJNA561889 2019-12-23 birds
5 American pika (hap2 mOchPri1 2023)[IGV] Ochotona princeps GCA_030435715.1_mOchPri1.hap2 SAMN35822658 PRJNA986274 2023-07-13 mammals
6 American shad (fAloSap1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Alosa sapidissima GCA_018492705.1_fAloSap1.alt SAMN18857608 PRJNA728146 2021-05-24 fish
7 Anna's hummingbird[IGV] Calypte anna GCA_003957575.1_bCalAnn1_v1.h SAMN02265252 PRJNA489140 2018-12-20 birds
8 Antarctic lanternfish (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Electrona antarctica GCA_951214905.1_fEleAnt2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA8748807 PRJEB61833 2023-05-08 fish
9 Aristotle's catfish (alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Silurus aristotelis GCA_946807865.1_fSilAri3.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA12595289 PRJEB55687 2022-09-16 fish
10 Asian bonytongue[IGV] Scleropages formosus GCA_900964985.2_fSclFor1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA4872123 PRJEB31996 2019-04-11 fish
11 Asiatic elephant (mEleMax1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Elephas maximus indicus GCA_024166345.1_mEleMax1_alternate_haplotype SAMN29174328 PRJNA850270 2022-07-05 mammals
12 Atlantic cod[IGV] Gadus morhua GCA_902167395.1_gadMor3.0_alternate_haplotype SAMEA5574046 PRJEB33454 2019-07-16 fish
13 Atlantic halibut[IGV] Hippoglossus hippoglossus GCA_009819745.1_fHipHip1.alt SAMN12629501 PRJNA562002 2019-12-27 fish
14 Atlantic horse mackerel (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Trachurus trachurus GCA_905171655.2_fTraTra1.2_alternate_haplotype SAMEA7524396 PRJEB42173 2021-11-26 fish
15 Atlantic stingray (hap2 2023)[IGV] Hypanus sabinus GCA_030144785.1_sHypSab1.hap2 SAMN32745077 PRJNA924071 2023-06-05 sharks
16 Australian echidna (mTacAcu1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Tachyglossus aculeatus GCA_015852515.1_mTacAcu1.alt SAMN12634963 PRJNA607238 2020-12-08 mammals
17 banded archerfish (fToxJac2 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Toxotes jaculatrix GCA_017976295.1_fToxJac2.alt SAMN18445299 PRJNA717045 2021-04-15 fish
18 barbel (alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Barbus barbus GCA_936446605.1_fBarBab1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA13335783 PRJEB52076 2022-04-16 fish
19 Barn swallow (bHirRus1 v3 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Hirundo rustica GCA_015227815.3_bHirRus1.alt.v3 SAMN14675488 PRJNA636191 2021-11-24 birds
20 black rhinoceros (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Diceros bicornis minor GCA_020826835.1_mDicBic1.pat.decon SAMN22047685 PRJNA773943 2021-11-10 mammals
21 black-capped chickadee (hap2 2023)[IGV] Poecile atricapillus GCA_030490855.1_bPoeAtr1.hap2 SAMN35074507 PRJNA972430 2023-07-18 birds
22 blackcap[IGV] Sylvia atricapilla GCA_009819715.1_bSylAtr1.alt SAMN12369542 PRJNA558065 2019-12-23 birds
23 Blainville's beaked whale (mMesDen1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Mesoplodon densirostris GCA_025094165.1_mMesDen1_alternate_haplotype SAMN29828597 PRJNA873679 2022-09-08 mammals
24 Blue whale (JJ_BM4_2016_0621 v2 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Balaenoptera musculus GCA_008658375.2_mBalMus1.alt.v2 SAMN12287136 PRJNA554523 2020-09-30 mammals
25 blue-and-yellow macaw (hap2 2023)[IGV] Ara ararauna GCA_028858555.1_bAraAra1.hap2 SAMN33059336 PRJNA931363 2023-02-24 birds
26 blunt-snouted clingfish[IGV] Gouania willdenowi GCA_900650505.1_fGouWil2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104026382 PRJEB30360 2019-02-07 fish
27 Boeseman's rainbowfish (fMelBoe1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Melanotaenia boesemani GCA_017639755.1_fMelBoe1.alt SAMN12623618 PRJNA561966 2021-03-30 fish
28 bonti-bonti (fTelBon1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Telmatherina bonti GCA_933228925.1_fTelBon1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA8592627 PRJEB51591 2022-03-23 fish
29 Brauer's lanternfish (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Gymnoscopelus braueri GCA_963281105.1_fGymBra2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA12815494 PRJEB65069 2023-08-20 fish
30 butterfish (fScaArg1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Scatophagus argus GCA_020382915.1_fScaArg1.alt SAMN12623616 PRJNA749580 2021-10-07 fish
31 California sea lion (mZalCal1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Zalophus californianus GCA_009762295.2_mZalCal1.alt.v2 SAMN12368149 PRJNA559674 2020-06-12 mammals
32 Canada lynx (LIC74 v2 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Lynx canadensis GCA_007474575.2_mLynCan4.alt.v2 SAMN09948483 PRJNA489108 2020-06-12 mammals
33 carmine bee-eater[IGV] Merops nubicus GCA_009819585.1_bMerNub1.alt SAMN12621035 PRJNA561895 2019-12-23 birds
34 channel bull blenny[IGV] Cottoperca gobio GCA_900634435.1_fCotGob3.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104242975 PRJEB30256 2019-02-07 fish
35 chicken (Cobb bGalGal5 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Gallus gallus GCA_027408205.1_bGalGal5.alt SAMN28017485 PRJNA838371 2022-12-27 birds
36 chicken (matHap)[IGV] Gallus gallus GCF_016699485.2_bGalGal1.mat.broiler.GRCg7b SAMN15960293 PRJNA660757 2021-01-19 birds
37 chicken (patHap)[IGV] Gallus gallus GCF_016700215.1_bGalGal1.pat.whiteleghornlayer.GRCg7w SAMN15960293 PRJNA660758 2021-01-19 birds
38 chicken (Ross bGalGal4 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Gallus gallus GCA_027408255.1_bGalGal4.alt SAMN28017486 PRJNA838368 2022-12-27 birds
39 Chinese pangolin (hap2 mManPen7 2023)[IGV] Manis pentadactyla GCA_030020945.1_mManPen7.hap2 SAMN32757332 PRJNA924340 2023-05-16 mammals
40 chub mackerel (fScoJap1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Scomber japonicus GCA_027409835.1_fScoJap1.alt SAMN32224830 PRJNA912109 2022-12-27 fish
41 climbing perch[IGV] Anabas testudineus GCA_900650485.1_fAnaTes1.2_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104026376 PRJEB30391 2019-02-07 fish
42 clouded leopard (mNeoNeb1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Neofelis nebulosa GCA_028018655.1_mNeoNeb1.alt SAMN31801981 PRJNA915743 2023-01-26 mammals
43 common brushtail (alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Trichosurus vulpecula GCA_011100645.1_mTriVul1.alt SAMN12629507 PRJNA562013 2020-03-09 mammals
44 common cuckoo (bCucCan1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Cuculus canorus GCA_017976305.1_bCucCan1.alt SAMN12629508 PRJNA562016 2021-04-15 birds
45 common frog (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Rana temporaria GCA_905171725.1_aRanTem1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA7521635 PRJEB42170 2021-01-28 amphibians
46 common myna (bArcTri1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Acridotheres tristis GCA_027559525.1_bAcrTri1.alt SAMN28454388 PRJNA839506 2023-01-03 birds
47 common pipistrelle (alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Pipistrellus pipistrellus GCA_903992515.1_mPipPip1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA994724 PRJEB39565 2020-08-04 mammals
48 common sole (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Solea solea GCA_958295035.1_fSolSol10.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA10984647 PRJEB63670 2023-07-06 fish
49 common swift (bApuApu2 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Apus apus GCA_020740585.1_bApuApu2.alt.cur SAMN22785356 PRJNA776337 2021-11-03 birds
50 common tern[IGV] Sterna hirundo GCA_009819645.1_bSteHir1.alt SAMN12369541 PRJNA558063 2019-12-23 birds
51 common toad (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Bufo bufo GCA_905171715.1_aBufBuf1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA7521636 PRJEB42169 2021-01-28 amphibians
52 common yellowthroat[IGV] Geothlypis trichas GCA_009764545.1_bGeoTri1.alt SAMN12631222 PRJNA589704 2019-12-18 birds
53 convict blenny (fPhoLeu1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Pholidichthys leucotaenia GCA_020510965.1_fPhoLeu1.alt SAMN12623617 PRJNA749576 2021-10-15 fish
54 copperband butterflyfish (fCheRos1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Chelmon rostratus GCA_017976315.1_fCheRos1.alt SAMN12623620 PRJNA561970 2021-04-15 fish
55 Cretan wall lizard (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Podarcis cretensis GCA_951804955.1_rPodCre2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA12110019 PRJEB62766 2023-06-02 reptiles
56 crucian carp (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Carassius carassius GCA_963082795.1_fCarCar2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA11296534 PRJEB64836 2023-08-08 fish
57 cunner (fTauAds1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Tautogolabrus adspersus GCA_020745675.1_fTauAds1.alt.cur SAMN22589422 PRJNA774879 2021-11-05 fish
58 Dalmatian pelican (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Pelecanus crispus GCA_030449815.1_bPelCri1.alt SAMN35784560 PRJNA984932 2023-07-13 birds
59 Daubenton's bat (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Myotis daubentonii GCA_963242275.1_mMyoDau2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA9921455 PRJEB65247 2023-08-20 mammals
60 denticle herring[IGV] Denticeps clupeoides GCA_900700345.2_fDenClu1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104129917 PRJEB31546 2019-03-27 fish
61 diamondback terrapin (hap2 rMalTer1 2023)[IGV] Malaclemys terrapin pileata GCA_027887205.1_rMalTer1.hap2 SAMN31394215 PRJNA895897 2023-01-18 reptiles
62 dorado (hap2 2023)[IGV] Salminus brasiliensis GCA_030463535.1_fSalBra1.hap2 SAMN35075251 PRJNA972453 2023-07-14 fish
63 Downy woodpecker (bDryPub1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Dryobates pubescens GCA_014839825.1_bDryPub1.alt SAMN12629497 PRJNA561992 2020-09-30 birds
64 dugong (hap2 mDugDug1 2023)[IGV] Dugong dugon GCA_030020955.1_mDugDug1.hap2 SAMN33212336 PRJNA932821 2023-05-16 mammals
65 East African grey crowned-crane[IGV] Balearica regulorum gibbericeps GCA_011004865.1_bBalReg1.alt SAMN12615749 PRJNA561891 2020-02-24 birds
66 eastern narrow-mouthed toad (hap2 2023)[IGV] Gastrophryne carolinensis GCA_027917415.1_aGasCar1.hap2 SAMN31805274 PRJNA916749 2023-01-18 amphibians
67 electric eel (fEleEle1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Electrophorus electricus GCA_013347915.1_fEleEle1.alt SAMN12623625 PRJNA561982 2020-06-12 fish
68 epaulette shark (alternate hap sHemOce1 2021)[IGV] Hemiscyllium ocellatum GCA_020745765.1_sHemOce1.mat.decon SAMN22550098 PRJNA774309 2021-11-05 sharks
69 ermine (alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Mustela erminea GCA_009829165.1_mMusErm1.alt SAMN12611999 PRJNA561930 2020-01-03 mammals
70 Eurasian badger (v3.2 2022)[IGV] Meles meles GCA_922984935.2_mMelMel3.2_paternal_haplotype SAMEA7524400 PRJEB49353 2022-03-23 mammals
71 Eurasian minnow (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Phoxinus phoxinus GCA_949152275.1_fPhoPho1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA11296539 PRJEB59821 2023-04-09 fish
72 Eurasian nightjar (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Caprimulgus europaeus GCA_907165095.1_bCapEur3.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA7524394 PRJEB44541 2021-05-15 birds
73 Eurasian red squirrel (alternate hap 2019)[IGV] Sciurus vulgaris GCA_902685485.1_mSciVul1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA994733 PRJEB35379 2019-11-26 mammals
74 Eurasian river otter (alternate hap 2019)[IGV] Lutra lutra GCA_902653095.1_mLutLut1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA994731 PRJEB35338 2019-12-09 mammals
75 Eurasian water vole (alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Arvicola amphibius GCA_903992525.1_mArvAmp1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA994740 PRJEB39549 2020-08-04 mammals
76 European chub (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Squalius cephalus GCA_949319155.1_fSquCep2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA11296547 PRJEB60238 2023-04-09 fish
77 European flounder (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Platichthys flesus GCA_949316195.1_fPlaFle2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA110026475 PRJEB60140 2023-04-08 fish
78 European leaf-toed gecko (hap2 2023)[IGV] Euleptes europaea GCA_029931755.1_rEulEur1.hap2 SAMN32622440 PRJNA919167 2023-05-03 reptiles
79 European mink (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Mustela lutreola GCA_030435785.1_mMusLut2.alt SAMN35784236 PRJNA984927 2023-07-11 mammals
80 European plaice (alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Pleuronectes platessa GCA_947347695.1_fPlePla1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA13853390 PRJEB57576 2022-11-27 fish
81 European pond turtle (hap2 rEmyOrb1 2023)[IGV] Emys orbicularis GCA_028017845.1_rEmyOrb1.hap2 SAMN31805221 PRJNA919101 2023-01-26 reptiles
82 European robin (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Erithacus rubecula GCA_903797565.2_bEriRub2.2_alternate_haplotype SAMEA4760689 PRJEB38657 2021-03-21 birds
83 European shag (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Phalacrocorax aristotelis GCA_949628205.1_bGulAri2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA10059652 PRJEB60538 2023-04-09 birds
84 European shrew (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Sorex araneus GCA_027595995.1_mSorAra2.alt SAMN32477717 PRJNA916524 2023-01-06 mammals
85 European snow vole (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Chionomys nivalis GCA_950005115.1_mChiNiv1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA13217622 PRJEB61597 2023-04-29 mammals
86 European starfish[IGV] Asterias rubens GCA_902459445.1_eAstRub1.2_alternate_haplotype SAMEA994741 PRJEB33973 2019-08-16 echinoderm
87 European turtle dove (v1.2 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Streptopelia turtur GCA_901699165.2_bStrTur1.2_alternate_haplotype SAMEA994735 PRJEB32725 2021-04-15 birds
88 European woodmouse (alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Apodemus sylvaticus GCA_947179525.1_mApoSyl1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA7702024 PRJEB56947 2022-11-01 mammals
89 Eurpoean golden plover (bPluApr1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Pluvialis apricaria GCA_017639475.1_bPluApr1.alt SAMN18353970 PRJNA715923 2021-03-30 birds
90 fire-bellied toad (aBomBom1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Bombina bombina GCA_027579415.1_aBomBom1.alt SAMN32378350 PRJNA915413 2023-01-06 amphibians
91 flier cichlid[IGV] Archocentrus centrarchus GCA_007364235.1_fArcCen1_v1.h SAMN09948522 PRJNA489130 2019-07-24 fish
92 Florida worm lizard (hap2 rRhiFlo1 2023)[IGV] Rhineura floridana GCA_030035675.1_rRhiFlo1.hap2 SAMN34105704 PRJNA953090 2023-05-22 reptiles
93 freshwater garfish (fXenCan1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Xenentodon cancila GCA_014839645.1_fXenCan1.alt SAMN12623622 PRJNA561974 2020-09-30 fish
94 Gaboon caecilian[IGV] Geotrypetes seraphini GCA_902459495.1_aGeoSer1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104387963 PRJEB33991 2019-08-18 amphibians
95 garden warbler (bSylBor1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Sylvia borin GCA_014839765.1_bSylBor1.alt SAMN12618613 PRJNA561946 2020-09-30 birds
96 gharial (hap2 2023)[IGV] Gavialis gangeticus GCA_030020295.1_rGavGan2.hap2 SAMN34116453 PRJNA953442 2023-05-22 reptiles
97 giant manta (sMobBir1 2023)[IGV] Mobula birostris GCA_030035685.1_sMobBir1.hap2 SAMN32746370 PRJNA924118 2023-05-22 sharks
98 gilthead seabream[IGV] Sparus aurata GCA_900880695.1_fSpaAur1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104384835 PRJEB31902 2019-07-11 fish
99 golden eagle (v1.4 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Aquila chrysaetos chrysaetos GCA_902153765.2_bAquChr1.4_alternate_haplotype SAMEA994725 PRJEB33298 2021-03-26 birds
100 Goodes thornscrub tortoise[IGV] Gopherus evgoodei GCA_007399395.1_rGopEvg1_v1.alt SAMN03496275 PRJNA489104 2019-07-24 reptiles
101 Grand Cayman blue iguana (hap2 2023)[IGV] Cyclura pinguis GCA_030412085.1_rCycPin1.hap2 SAMN35151422 PRJNA973804 2023-07-05 reptiles
102 gray short-tailed opossum (mMonDom1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Monodelphis domestica GCA_027917375.1_mMonDom1.alt SAMN31801966 PRJNA915591 2023-01-17 mammals
103 gray squirrel (alternate hap 2019)[IGV] Sciurus carolinensis GCA_902685475.1_mSciCar1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA994726 PRJEB35385 2019-11-26 mammals
104 gray wolf (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Canis lupus GCA_905319845.1_mCanLor1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA7532739 PRJEB43199 2021-03-21 mammals
105 great potoo (bNycGra1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Nyctibius grandis GCA_013368595.1_bNycGra1.alt SAMN12622411 PRJNA562021 2020-06-23 birds
106 great white shark (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Carcharodon carcharias GCA_017639455.1_sCarCar2.alt SAMN12629504 PRJNA562008 2021-03-30 sharks
107 greater argentine (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Argentina silus GCA_951799415.1_fArgSil1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA110137623 PRJEB62528 2023-05-27 fish
108 greater horseshoe bat (MPI-CBG alternate hap 2019)[IGV] Rhinolophus ferrumequinum GCA_004115295.1_mRhiFer1_v1.h SAMN09948510 PRJNA489105 2019-01-28 mammals
109 greater pipefish[IGV] Syngnathus acus GCA_901709685.1_fSynAcu1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104381750 PRJEB32742 2019-06-02 fish
110 greater pipefish (v2 alternate haplotype 2023)[IGV] Syngnathus acus GCA_948146095.1_fSynAcu2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA13854528 PRJEB58843 2023-01-18 fish
111 greater sand-eel (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Hyperoplus immaculatus GCA_949358355.1_fHypImm3.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA13854416 PRJEB60327 2023-04-09 fish
112 green sea turtle (v2 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Chelonia mydas GCA_015220195.2_rCheMyd1.alt.v2 SAMN12612360 PRJNA561942 2021-07-15 reptiles
113 grey whale (mEscRob2 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Eschrichtius robustus GCA_028021475.1_mEscRob2.alt SAMN32629250 PRJNA921703 2023-01-26 mammals
114 gudgeon (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Gobio gobio GCA_949357705.1_fGobGob1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA11296538 PRJEB60323 2023-04-09 fish
115 gyrfalcon (bFalRus1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Falco rusticolus GCA_015220155.1_bFalRus1.alt SAMN12629496 PRJNA561989 2020-11-02 birds
116 Harpy eagle (bHarHar1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Harpia harpyja GCA_026419925.1_bHarHar1 SAMN31530492 PRJNA896140 2022-11-25 birds
117 Hawaiian crow (bCorHaw1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Corvus hawaiiensis GCA_020740675.1_bCorHaw1.alt.cur SAMN22550278 PRJNA774316 2021-11-03 birds
118 hazel dormouse (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Muscardinus avellanarius GCA_963383665.1_mMusAve1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA110180654 PRJEB65339 2023-08-27 mammals
119 hoatzin (hap2 2023)[IGV] Opisthocomus hoazin GCA_030867165.1_bOpiHoa1.hap2 SAMN37055462 PRJNA1007257 2023-08-24 birds
120 honeycomb rockfish (fSebUmb1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Sebastes umbrosus GCA_015220095.1_fSebUmb1.alt SAMN12629503 PRJNA562006 2020-11-02 fish
121 hourglass treefrog (paternal 2023)[IGV] Dendropsophus ebraccatus GCA_027789765.1_aDenEbr1.pat SAMN32145295 PRJNA910819 2023-01-13 amphibians
122 house finch (bHaeMex1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Haemorhous mexicanus GCA_027406555.1_bHaeMex1.alt SAMN28453576 PRJNA839498 2022-12-27 birds
123 house mouse (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Mus musculus GCA_949316305.1_mMusMuc1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA112251260 PRJEB60145 2023-04-08 mammals
124 human (WGS:JACSEW01 2021 alternate hap)[IGV] Homo sapiens GCA_016700455.2_mHomSap3.pat SAMN12568975 PRJNA562022 2021-01-19 mammals
125 Humboldt's penguin (bSphHub1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Spheniscus humboldti GCA_027474345.1_bSphHub1.alt SAMN28408465 PRJNA838344 2022-12-27 birds
126 Indian glassy fish[IGV] Parambassis ranga GCA_900651595.1_fParRan2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA4675621 PRJEB30258 2019-02-12 fish
127 Indo-Pacific tarpon (alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Megalops cyprinoides GCA_013368575.1_fMegCyp1.alt SAMN12623619 PRJNA561968 2020-06-23 fish
128 jewelled blenny[IGV] Salarias fasciatus GCA_902148835.1_fSalaFa1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA4966329 PRJEB33183 2019-07-03 fish
129 John dory (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Zeus faber GCA_960530785.1_fZeuFab8.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA111562156 PRJEB64532 2023-07-26 fish
130 kagu (bRhyJub1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Rhynochetos jubatus GCA_027595965.1_bRhyJub1.alt SAMN31802033 PRJNA916496 2023-01-06 birds
131 kakapo (Jane alternate hap 2019)[IGV] Strigops habroptila GCA_004011185.1_bStrHab1_v1.h SAMN09948751 PRJNA489134 2019-01-10 birds
132 killer whale (alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Orcinus orca GCA_937001455.1_mOrcOrc1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA8800229 PRJEB52132 2022-05-01 mammals
133 Korean giant-fin mudskipper[IGV] Periophthalmus magnuspinnatus GCA_009829135.1_fPerMag1.alt SAMN12629500 PRJNA561999 2020-01-03 fish
134 lammergeier (bGypBar2 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Gypaetus barbatus GCA_028017155.1_bGypBar2.alt SAMN32256411 PRJNA912842 2023-01-26 birds
135 lance-tailed manakin[IGV] Chiroxiphia lanceolata GCA_009829205.1_bChiLan1.alt SAMN12620979 PRJNA561944 2020-01-03 birds
136 lanner falcon (bFalBia1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Falco biarmicus GCA_023634305.1_bFalBia1.alt SAMN28688289 PRJNA842827 2022-06-01 birds
137 large-eye snaggletooth (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Borostomias antarcticus GCA_949987545.1_fBorAnt1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA8748812 PRJEB61590 2023-04-29 fish
138 largescale foureyes (fAnaAna1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Anableps anableps GCA_014839705.1_fAnaAna1.alt SAMN12623628 PRJNA561986 2020-09-30 fish
139 Lataste's viper (alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Vipera latastei GCA_024294605.1_rVipLat1.alt SAMN28408464 PRJNA838199 2022-07-16 reptiles
140 leatherback sea turtle[IGV] Dermochelys coriacea GCA_009762595.1_rDerCor1.alt SAMN12629498 PRJNA561994 2019-12-18 reptiles
141 leatherback sea turtle (v2 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Dermochelys coriacea GCA_009762595.2_rDerCor1.alt.v2 SAMN12629498 PRJNA561994 2020-12-08 reptiles
142 lesser Egyptian jerboa (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Jaculus jaculus GCA_020740715.1_mJacJac1.pat.decon SAMN20391724 PRJNA773798 2021-11-03 mammals
143 lesser kestrel (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Falco naumanni GCA_017639645.1_bFalNau1.mat SAMN16870685 PRJNA702665 2021-03-30 birds
144 lesser rhea (bPtePen1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Rhea pennata GCA_028389885.1_bPtePen1.alt SAMN32606345 PRJNA918802 2023-02-01 birds
145 lesser salmon catfish (fNeoGra1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Neoarius graeffei GCA_027579805.1_fNeoGra1.alt SAMN28453209 PRJNA839495 2023-01-06 fish
146 lesser sand-eel (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Ammodytes marinus GCA_950004245.1_fAmmMar1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA110137622 PRJEB61583 2023-04-29 fish
147 limp eelpout (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Melanostigma gelatinosum GCA_949748265.1_fMelGel1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA12815492 PRJEB60806 2023-04-08 fish
148 live sharksucker[IGV] Echeneis naucrates GCA_900963505.1_fEcheNa1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA4966390 PRJEB31993 2019-04-11 fish
149 long-tailed hermit (PSU5 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Phaethornis superciliosus GCA_023637925.1_DD_ASM_B1a SAMN23532249 PRJNA785156 2022-06-01 birds
150 longspined bullhead (fTauBub2.1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Taurulus bubalis GCA_910589325.1_fTauBub2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA7522994 PRJEB45316 2021-07-07 fish
151 lumpfish[IGV] Cyclopterus lumpus GCA_009769515.1_fCycLum1.alt SAMN12629502 PRJNA562004 2019-12-19 fish
152 maguari stork (bCicMag1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Ciconia maguari GCA_017639665.1_bCicMag1.alt SAMN18353822 PRJNA715732 2021-03-30 birds
153 marbled rockcod (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Notothenia rossii GCA_949606865.1_fNotRos5.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA12815441 PRJEB60488 2023-04-09 fish
154 Mauritius kestrel (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Falco punctatus GCA_963210275.1_bFalPun1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA14356472 PRJEB65027 2023-08-19 birds
155 Mauritius parakeet (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Psittacula echo GCA_963243765.1_bPsiEch3.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA12361725 PRJEB65272 2023-08-20 birds
156 meadow viper (alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Vipera ursinii GCA_947247025.1_rVipUrs1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA12832258 PRJEB57182 2022-10-30 reptiles
157 milkfish[IGV] Chanos chanos GCA_902362175.1_fChaCha1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA5159473 PRJEB33881 2019-08-16 fish
158 minke whale (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Balaenoptera acutorostrata GCA_950005055.1_mBalAcu1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA111380540 PRJEB61580 2023-04-29 mammals
159 monito del monte (mDroGli1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Dromiciops gliroides GCA_019395325.1_mDroGli1.alt SAMN18857598 PRJNA728142 2021-07-29 mammals
160 mute swan (bCygOlo1 v2 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Cygnus olor GCA_009769485.2_bCygOlo1.alt.v2 SAMN12621369 PRJNA561961 2021-03-30 birds
161 Nelson's sparrow (bAmmNel1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Ammospiza nelsoni GCA_027579665.1_bAmmNel1.alt SAMN28421656 PRJNA839457 2023-01-06 birds
162 New Caledonian crow[IGV] Corvus moneduloides GCA_009651025.1_bCorMon1.alt SAMN12368441 PRJNA560982 2019-11-12 birds
163 New Zealand spotty[IGV] Notolabrus celidotus GCA_009762545.1_fNotCel1.alt SAMN12623201 PRJNA561957 2019-12-17 fish
164 ninespine stickleback (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Pungitius pungitius GCA_949316245.1_fPunPun2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA11296545 PRJEB60135 2023-04-08 fish
165 North American porcupine (mEreDor1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Erethizon dorsatum GCA_028500835.1_mEreDor1.alt SAMN32359106 PRJNA915122 2023-02-03 mammals
166 North Atlantic right whale (mEubGla1 hap2 2023)[IGV] Eubalaena glacialis GCA_028564815.1_mEubGla1.hap2 SAMN32746534 PRJNA924128 2023-02-09 mammals
167 northern bat (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Eptesicus nilssonii GCA_951640545.1_mEptNil1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA14098186 PRJEB62201 2023-05-18 mammals
168 northern bottlenose whale (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Hyperoodon ampullatus GCA_949752845.1_mHypAmp2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA10839125 PRJEB60894 2023-04-09 mammals
169 northern gannet (hap2 2023)[IGV] Morus bassanus GCA_031468815.1_bMorBas2.hap2 SAMN37096299 PRJNA1009681 2023-09-15 birds
170 northern goshawk (bAccGen1 v1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Accipiter gentilis GCA_929447715.1_bAccGen1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA8235650 PRJEB50703 2022-02-13 birds
171 northern pike[IGV] Esox lucius GCA_011004835.1_fEsoLuc1.alt SAMN12623624 PRJNA561978 2020-02-24 fish
172 Norway rat BN7 haplotype[IGV] Rattus norvegicus GCA_015244455.1_mRatBN7.1_alternate_haplotype SAMN16261960 PRJNA663241 2020-11-04 mammals
173 olive python (hap2 2023)[IGV] Liasis olivaceus GCA_030867085.1_rLiaOli1.hap2 SAMN32739907 PRJNA923813 2023-08-24 reptiles
174 orange-tipped seq squirt (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Corella eumyota GCA_963082865.1_kaCorEumy4.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA7536466 PRJEB64847 2023-08-08 otherChordates
175 orbiculate cardinalfish[IGV] Sphaeramia orbicularis GCA_902148825.1_fSphaOr1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA4966328 PRJEB33176 2019-07-03 fish
176 painted frog (alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Discoglossus pictus GCA_027410455.1_aDisPic1.alt SAMN32227109 PRJNA912128 2022-12-27 amphibians
177 pale spear-nosed bat (MPI-MPIP v3 mPhyDis1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Phyllostomus discolor GCA_004115245.2_mPhyDis1.alti.v3 SAMN09948786 PRJNA489142 2020-05-11 mammals
178 peladilla (fAplTae1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Aplochiton taeniatus GCA_017639685.1_fAplTae1.alt SAMN12623621 PRJNA561972 2021-03-30 fish
179 peregrine falcon (bFalPer1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Falco peregrinus GCA_023634185.1_bFalPer1.alt SAMN28688290 PRJNA842833 2022-06-01 birds
180 Philippine flying lemur (mCynVol1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Cynocephalus volans GCA_027409165.1_mCynVol1.alt SAMN32206947 PRJNA911845 2022-12-27 mammals
181 pinecone soldierfish[IGV] Myripristis murdjan GCA_902148815.1_fMyrMur1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA4872133 PRJEB33187 2019-07-03 fish
182 pink pigeon (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Nesoenas mayeri GCA_963082445.1_bNesMay2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA12922160 PRJEB64782 2023-08-08 birds
183 plains spadefoot toad (alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Spea bombifrons GCA_027382365.2_aSpeBom1.2.alt SAMN28408467 PRJNA838346 2022-12-27 amphibians
184 platypus (alternate hap Pmale09 2020)[IGV] Ornithorhynchus anatinus GCA_004115175.2_mOrnAna1.alt.v3 SAMN08537700 PRJNA489115 2020-04-06 mammals
185 plumbeous ibis (bTheCae1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Theristicus caerulescens GCA_020745805.1_bTheCae1.alt.cur SAMN22550094 PRJNA774321 2021-11-05 birds
186 pollack (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Pollachius pollachius GCA_949987605.1_fPolPol2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA111562038 PRJEB61574 2023-04-29 fish
187 prehistoric monster fish[IGV] Thalassophryne amazonica GCA_902500245.1_fThaAma1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104129913 PRJEB34605 2019-09-30 fish
188 razorbill[IGV] Alca torda GCA_008658355.1_bAlcTor1_alternate SAMN12292087 PRJNA554521 2019-09-23 birds
189 red deer (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Cervus elaphus GCA_910593805.1_mCerEla1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA7523520 PRJEB45837 2021-07-07 mammals
190 red-bellied piranha (fPygNat1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Pygocentrus nattereri GCA_015220065.1_fPygNat1.alt SAMN12623623 PRJNA561976 2020-11-02 fish
191 red-crested turaco[IGV] Tauraco erythrolophus GCA_009764505.1_bTauEry1.alt SAMN12621036 PRJNA561948 2019-12-18 birds
192 Red-fronted tinkerbird (bPogPus1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Pogoniulus pusillus GCA_015220175.1_bPogPus1.alt SAMN15098508 PRJNA637954 2020-11-02 birds
193 red-legged seriema[IGV] Cariama cristata GCA_009819485.1_bCarCri1.alt SAMN12614807 PRJNA561893 2019-12-23 birds
194 red-throated loon (hap2 2023 genbank)[IGV] Gavia stellata GCA_030936135.1_bGavSte3.hap2 SAMN37096312 PRJNA1008847 2023-08-30 birds
195 reedfish[IGV] Erpetoichthys calabaricus GCA_900700845.2_fErpCal1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104026374 PRJEB31582 2019-03-27 fish
196 reedfish (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Erpetoichthys calabaricus GCA_900700845.3_fErpCal1.3_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104026374 PRJEB31582 2021-07-07 fish
197 Rice's whale (hap2 2023 genbank)[IGV] Balaenoptera ricei GCA_028023285.1_mBalRic1.hap2 SAMN32629060 PRJNA921698 2023-01-30 mammals
198 rifleman (bAcaChl1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Acanthisitta chloris GCA_016880875.1_bAcaChl1.alt SAMN16442762 PRJNA561955 2021-02-10 birds
199 ring-tailed lemur (mLemCat1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Lemur catta GCA_020740595.1_mLemCat1.alt SAMN12621102 PRJNA561950 2021-11-03 mammals
200 roach minnow (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Rutilus rutilus GCA_951802655.1_fRutRut2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA11296543 PRJEB62671 2023-05-29 fish
201 rock gunnel (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Pholis gunnellus GCA_910591705.2_fPhoGun1.2_alternate_haplotype SAMEA7522838 PRJEB45448 2021-11-18 fish
202 rock ptarmigan (bLagMut1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Lagopus muta GCA_023344045.1_bLagMut1_alternate SAMN25144835 PRJNA836585 2022-05-12 birds
203 Rosablanca catfish (hap2 2023)[IGV] Trichomycterus rosablanca GCA_030015355.1_fTriRos1.hap2 SAMN32755940 PRJNA924297 2023-05-15 fish
204 royal ground snake (hap2 2023)[IGV] Erythrolamprus reginae GCA_031021085.1_rEryReg1.hap2 SAMN32631248 PRJNA921729 2023-08-30 reptiles
205 royal ground snake (hap3 2023)[IGV] Erythrolamprus reginae GCA_031001685.1_rEryReg1.hap3 SAMN32631248 PRJNA996865 2023-08-30 reptiles
206 saddleback dolphin (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Delphinus delphis GCA_949987525.1_mDelDel1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA111380534 PRJEB61572 2023-04-29 mammals
207 Saker falcon (bFalChe1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Falco cherrug GCA_023634115.1_bFalChe1.alt SAMN28688204 PRJNA842830 2022-06-01 birds
208 saltmarsh sparrow (bAmmCau1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Ammospiza caudacuta GCA_027887135.1_bAmmCau1.alt SAMN28421630 PRJNA839451 2023-01-17 birds
209 sand lizard[IGV] Lacerta agilis GCA_009819545.1_rLacAgi1.alt SAMN12629509 PRJNA562019 2019-12-23 reptiles
210 Sardinian treefrog (hap2 2023)[IGV] Hyla sarda GCA_029493135.1_aHylSar1.hap2 SAMN32629340 PRJNA921708 2023-03-30 amphibians
211 sea lamprey[IGV] Petromyzon marinus GCA_010993595.1_kPetMar1.alt SAMN12629506 PRJNA562012 2020-02-24 otherChordates
212 shanny (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Lipophrys pholis GCA_963383635.1_fLipPho2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA7522844 PRJEB65341 2023-08-26 fish
213 Siamese fighting fish[IGV] Betta splendens GCA_900651605.1_fBetSpl5.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104381735 PRJEB30366 2019-02-07 fish
214 Siamese fighting fish (v5.4 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Betta splendens GCA_900651605.2_fBetSpl5.4_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104381735 PRJEB30366 2023-04-08 fish
215 slow loris (mNycCou1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Nycticebus coucang GCA_027406535.1_mNycCou1.alt SAMN28408555 PRJNA838347 2022-12-27 mammals
216 smaller spotted catshark (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Scyliorhinus canicula GCA_902713625.2_sScyCan1.2_alternate_haplotype SAMEA994730 PRJEB35944 2021-01-28 sharks
217 smalltooth sawfish[IGV] Pristis pectinata GCA_009764485.1_sPriPec2.alt SAMN12629505 PRJNA562010 2019-12-18 sharks
218 soprano pipistrelle (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Pipistrellus pygmaeus GCA_949987765.1_mPipPyg2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA9921456 PRJEB61582 2023-04-29 mammals
219 South Island takahe (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Porphyrio hochstetteri GCA_020801775.1_bPorHoc1.pat.decon SAMN22550412 PRJNA774332 2021-11-08 birds
220 southern bluefin tuna (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Thunnus maccoyii GCA_910596085.1_fThuMac1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA8654747 PRJEB46020 2021-07-07 fish
221 southern tamandua (mTamTet1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Tamandua tetradactyla GCA_023853755.1_mTamTet1.alt SAMN12612337 PRJNA561940 2022-06-22 mammals
222 southern two-toed sloth (mChoDid1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Choloepus didactylus GCA_015220265.1_mChoDid1.alt SAMN12612024 PRJNA561938 2020-11-02 mammals
223 speckled mousebird (hap2 2023)[IGV] Colius striatus GCA_028858625.1_bColStr4.hap2 SAMN33339572 PRJNA936150 2023-02-24 birds
224 stone loach (alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Barbatula barbatula GCA_947034905.1_fBarBar1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA11296540 PRJEB56421 2022-10-08 fish
225 striped catfish (fPanHyp1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Pangasianodon hypophthalmus GCA_027382375.1_fPanHyp1.alt SAMN32348883 PRJNA914798 2022-12-27 fish
226 striped dolphin (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Stenella coeruleoalba GCA_951394445.1_mSteCoe1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA111380539 PRJEB62075 2023-05-13 mammals
227 Suruca trogon (bTroSur1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Trogon surrucura GCA_020746095.1_bTroSur1.alt.cur SAMN22550082 PRJNA774296 2021-11-05 birds
228 Swainson's thrush (bCatUst1 v2 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Catharus ustulatus GCA_009819505.2_bCatUst1.alt.v2 SAMN12618602 PRJNA561934 2020-11-05 birds
229 swamp sparrow (bMelGeo1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Melospiza georgiana GCA_028019105.1_bMelGeo1.alt SAMN22787412 PRJNA915610 2023-01-26 birds
230 tammar wallaby (mMacEug1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Notamacropus eugenii GCA_028389975.1_mMacEug1.alt SAMN28408687 PRJNA838351 2023-02-01 mammals
231 tawny frogmouth (bPodStr1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Podargus strigoides GCA_028020675.1_bPodStr1.alt SAMN31801959 PRJNA912328 2023-01-26 birds
232 thorny skate[IGV] Amblyraja radiata GCA_010909745.1_sAmbRad1.alt SAMN09948523 PRJNA591368 2020-02-14 sharks
233 tiger shark (hap2 2023)[IGV] Stegostoma tigrinum GCA_030684295.1_sSteTig4.hap2 SAMN35823397 PRJNA986594 2023-08-07 sharks
234 tiny Cayenne caecilian[IGV] Microcaecilia unicolor GCA_901765105.1_aMicUni1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104387962 PRJEB32738 2019-07-08 amphibians
235 torafugu[IGV] Takifugu rubripes GCA_901000745.3_fTakRub1.2_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104384834 PRJEB31989 2019-06-05 fish
236 trahira (hap2 2023)[IGV] Hoplias malabaricus GCA_029633875.1_fHopMal1.hap2 SAMN32740525 PRJNA923843 2023-04-13 fish
237 tufted duck[IGV] Aythya fuligula GCA_009819845.1_bAytFul2.alt SAMN12621346 PRJNA561953 2019-12-23 birds
238 two-lined caecilian[IGV] Rhinatrema bivittatum GCA_901001175.1_aRhiBiv1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104387956 PRJEB32112 2019-06-02 amphibians
239 vaquita (alternate hap mPhoSin1 2019)[IGV] Phocoena sinus GCA_008692045.1_mPhoSin1.alt SAMN12325353 PRJNA557832 2019-09-24 mammals
240 warty frogfish (fAntMac1 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Antennarius maculatus GCA_013347815.1_fAntMac1.alt SAMN12623626 PRJNA561980 2020-06-12 fish
241 western capercaillie (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Tetrao urogallus GCA_951394355.1_bTetUro1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA9654429 PRJEB62069 2023-05-13 birds
242 western European hedgehog (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Erinaceus europaeus GCA_950295305.1_mEriEur2.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA13207416 PRJEB61757 2023-05-01 mammals
243 Western terrestrial garter snake[IGV] Thamnophis elegans GCA_009769695.1_rThaEle1.alt SAMN12629499 PRJNA561997 2019-12-19 reptiles
244 whiskered treeswift (bHemCom1 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Hemiprocne comata GCA_020745695.1_bHemCom1.alt.cur SAMN22588383 PRJNA774830 2021-11-05 birds
245 white-beaked dolphin (alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Lagenorhynchus albirostris GCA_949774935.1_mLagAlb1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA111380537 PRJEB60993 2023-04-09 mammals
246 white-tailed eagle (bHalAlb1.1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Haliaeetus albicilla GCA_947461935.1_bHalAlb1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA12857288 PRJEB57864 2022-12-02 birds
247 white-toothed pygmy shrew (mSunEtr1 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Suncus etruscus GCA_024140225.1_mSunEtr1.alt.cur SAMN28420931 PRJNA839355 2022-07-05 mammals
248 white-tufted-ear marmoset (v1.2 paternal 2021)[IGV] Callithrix jacchus GCA_011100535.2_mCalJac1.2.pat SAMN12368443 PRJNA558087 2021-04-28 mammals
249 whooping crane (paternal hap 2023)[IGV] Grus americana GCA_028858595.1_bGruAme1.pat SAMN32775697 PRJNA924954 2023-02-24 birds
250 yellow-spotted hyrax (mHetBru1 alternate hap 2023)[IGV] Heterohyrax brucei GCA_028571665.1_mHetBru1.alt SAMN33092455 PRJNA931598 2023-02-08 mammals
251 yellow-throated sandgrouse[IGV] Pterocles gutturalis GCA_009769505.1_bPteGut1.alt SAMN12623217 PRJNA561959 2019-12-19 birds
252 yellowfin seabream (v.2019 alternate hap 2020)[IGV] Acanthopagrus latus GCA_904848175.1_fAcaLat1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMN16236878 PRJEB40701 2020-10-12 fish
253 yellowfin tuna (alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Thunnus albacares GCA_914744365.1_fThuAlb1.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA8654749 PRJEB47266 2021-09-15 fish
254 zebra finch (alternate hap Blue55 v1 2020)[IGV] Taeniopygia guttata GCA_009859025.1_bTaeGut2.p.v1.alt SAMN09946140 PRJNA489187 2020-01-13 birds
255 zebra finch (Black17 v1.4 alternate hap 2021)[IGV] Taeniopygia guttata GCA_003957525.2_bTaeGut1.4.alt SAMN02981239 PRJNA489099 2021-04-28 birds
256 zebrafish (fDanRer4 alternate hap 2022)[IGV] Danio rerio GCA_944039255.1_fDanRer4.1_alternate_haplotype SAMEA14088276 PRJEB53408 2022-06-17 fish
257 zig-zag eel[IGV] Mastacembelus armatus GCA_900700395.1_fMasArm1.2_alternate_haplotype SAMEA104026378 PRJEB31553 2019-04-01 fish

Alternate sets of VGP assembliesNCBI Refseq
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